In 2023, the next wave of change is coming with the ground-breaking Push The Boundaries Prize.
Let’s participate in the transformation of an era, by disrupting the codes of society.

Working in support of the most inspirational talent from creative territories such as dance, music production and DJing and gaming, YSL Beauté has created a global mentorship program to help artists pursue their radical dreams by offering them creative advice and lessons in beauty. Today, Hope Paris and Crush have been mandated to call on today’s change-makers who share this mindset and an audacious hunger for change; to be the next evolution – and Push The Boundaries to the next level.

The Push The Boundaries program will follow three mentors as they coach six inspirational talents from dance, DJing and gaming, selected from all around the world. Each mentor will share their invaluable knowledge and experience, helping the talent to develop their individual project and express their point of view.


As celebrated cultural disruptors, each of our mentors have been carefully selected from around the world to guide our participants with invaluable experience and expertise while helping them complete their projects – and ultimately, win the Push The Boundaries Prize. Each mentor will be there to provide always-on advice, offering participants an unparalleled opportunity to amplify their passion and gain access to advice and support they wouldn’t find anywhere else.


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Having been taken to a live drumming circle in Central Park, New York by her father, Chloé fell in love with music as a means of expressing herself, favoring an improvisational style. Self–taught, but always determined, she has had to Push The Boundaries of her art in a male–dominated industry and is a passionate about advocating for mental health support for fellow Djs as they travel the world. Now a rising global nightlife icon, she is a DJ, producer, and a multi-instrumentalist. Her range is as eclectic as her taste–the DC-10 resident has played the world’s biggest clubs and stages, headlined festivals and underground club nights alike, and remains the pulse of the fashion world.


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Hailing from Utah, America, Jaxon first discovered dance when his sister invited him to an after– school ballroom class. Instantly, he was hooked. Despite the challenges of growing up in a place where he was considered a minority – and being one of the few boys to dance – it is in overcoming these struggles that led him to discover greater self–confidence and the ability to use his body as a medium of self–expression. He finds that travelling the world and dancing broadens his perspective and loves to teach choreography to inspire a new generation with the power of movement. In 2018, he appeared on NBC’s World of Dance, he is the current National Top Senior Male Dancer for Radix Conventions, and this year, he pushed his own boundaries, starring as a backing dancer for Rihanna at the Super Bowl.


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HoneyPuu, 23 years old, is currently one of the biggest female Gaming creators in Germany. She already started in her teenage years to play League of Legends and has been active in livestreaming for more than 5 years. Besides her success in Gaming, especially Valorant and Minecraft, she works with beauty and fashion brands and travels the world to meet inspiring voices. Her community loves her due to her open and honest nature as well as her humorous jokes. As a woman in gaming she also pushes the boundaries of female empowerment in gaming and gives advice to her young audience.


Alongside the public vote which will count at 70% of the final score, three experts will also add one vote each for 10%. Each of our jurors have a presence in their fields on an international level and have been carefully selected from around the world to be impartial and support the best project in accordance to YSL Beauté’s values – and ultimately, win the Push The Boundaries Prize.


Agathe Mougin, a Paris-based designer, DJ and model, was first discovered on the streets at age nineteen for her resemblance to the Millenium heroine, Lisbeth Salander. Mougin’s androgynous, yet feminine leaning look launched her modeling career and caught the eyes of the industries’ brightest. More recently, Agathe has been DJing solo, performing sets at festivals, clubs, and for top-tier brands around the globe. She currently resides in Paris working on her debut artist project as a producer, but is always traveling finding inspiration from around the globe.

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World-class house dancer with multiple titles in domestic and international dance battles, including the world's most prestigious battle competition "JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 WORLD FINAL". Miyu is active in various areas to improve the social status of "dancers". She was selected as the only Japanese member out of approx. One million applicants from all over the world participated in the "Dear Moon" project, the first civilian project to orbit the moon, as a backup crew member. She also won the "Dance Creator of the Year" award at the "TikTok Awards 2022," awarded to creators who have wowed audiences with their dance moves.


Rita, whose Chinese name is Feng Yu, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. She started in the gaming industry as a member of a female only esports team but officially switched to being a commentator in 2016. With her unique commentary style and game understanding, she won the best rookie game commentary of the year in 2017. In October 2019, she was selected into the 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30 people to watch. And in 2021, she won the best gaming commentator of the year.